You have heard the cliché, “The Power of Suggestion.” It isn’t just a cliché, it is estimated that approximately 37% of submitted suggestions do have merit by saving organizations money, time, and/or identifying strategies for new or improved products and services.

The mission of the Suggestion Mail Box is to make the power of suggestion for every business available to everyone, not just employees, but also to vendors, customers, suppliers, marketers, and even bystanders; but particularly customers. Through the Suggestion Mail Box App the power of suggestion is being expanded exponentially.

Suggestion Mailbox offers the Mobile App for free to everyone, but businesses are charged a small monthly fee of $10 to have their business quickly available to your customers, employees, and others for suggestions. Go to Registration to sign your company up now.

Suggestion MailBox is developed and owned by App Makers, LLC, a Blacksburg, Virginia company. Founded in 2014 to develop mobile device applications, App Makers is managed by a small but experienced group of previous entrepreneurs and innovators.

Suggestion MailBox is being pilot tested in the Roanoke and New River Valley areas.